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We Only Got One Rule Here

a tile created by glacier

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glacier's Description

Kevin is a regular here at the café.

He is a simple cat.

He likes his lawns wild, his eggs scrambled, and his double-double-vanilla-mochaccinolattes in a paper cup with no holder because the warmth lets him appreciate his drink on one more level.

He works hard. He plays hard. And when he orders a coffee, he orders it in Italian.

That is why when, when Kevin sees art, he is interested in how it makes him feel, and what it makes him think. He is interested in where it comes from and what its purpose is and what went into its creation, if anything at all.

Kevin likes it when things come from somewhere, and when they are made out of their own, unstolen thoughts.

That is why when Kevin looks at art, he does not accept reconstituted data mulch.

And Kevin is prepared to tap the sign as many times as it takes to make sure he does not have to, and that you do not have to, either.

[ Chai's Note: ] Word of advice: If you see Kevin heading for the WC and you need to use it too, get in there ahead of him. Run if you have to.

Ya boy drinks way too many of those double-double-vanilla-mochaccinolattes. Way, way too many. 😾

Also pictured: Matcha cleaning a countertop! :y


(Also I think I turned this in after the tile below and to the left of mine was finished so there may be connection issues on the tail, and let us see how it works out~ <w<; <3)

Checked in
Aug 9, 2023
48x48 pixels
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