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Things to do while participating in a quilt

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fydoTiles is heavily inspired by the collaborative art website and the now-defunct collaborative art website.

While fydoTiles is solely created and maintained by me (fydo), I would like to thank the following people for feedback and assistance during on-going development:

Legal Stuff

All individual tiles retain their copyright to their original creators.

By uploading your art to this website, you give me permission to do the following:

Creative Commons Licence All full quilt images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. The acceptable method of attribution is a full listing of each contributor's name, each of which can either be their legal name (which I do not have), their fydoTiles username or their Twitter handle. You can find such a list at the bottom of every quilt detail page on this website.
Additionally, all LumpyTouch community quilt images (Lumpy Weekly and Lumpy Monthly) are permitted to be used commercially by LumpyTouch only.

fydoTiles respects your right to be forgotten, and while I currently don't have an automated process to remove/delete users, if you wish to delete your account please contact me either via twitter message or e-mail.


fydoTiles uses a single PHP session cookie to track your login (so you don't need to sign in again every time you use the website)
This cookie is not used outside of fydoTiles whatsoever and is set to expire one month after you sign in.

fydoTiles uses Google Sign-In for authentication and Google provides me with several fields regarding your Google account. However I only store these fields as outlined in this table:

Google provides fydoTiles stores
Unique Sign-In IDYesYes (this ID only works on fydoTiles)
E-Mail AddressYesYes
Profile Image URLYesYes (but I currently don't use this for anything)
Full NameYesNo
Given NameYesNo
Family NameYesNo