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The Return from the Second Dimension ~"Off the Grid" Dark Mountain Reprise~

a tile created by glacier

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JUST DUVET WE DO THINGS HERE ~200th Quiltsona OC Spectacular!~
glacier's Description

Twenty three years after the infamous PROJECT: DEPTHBED experiments in the executive parking lot at Dark Mountain Semiconductor's secretive №150 isoPUNC research laboratory, the world has changed. The raw, plane-bridging force called the WHYERS which entered the world through this mysterious vortex left a trail of pseudorthography in their path rendering huge swathes of the planet uninhabitable to nearly all life, before a team of dimensional cryptoorthologists hailing from distant reaches of the SLAPPIVERSE happened upon the rogue invaders, recognized their unique form and physiology, and devised a technique for taming their metatriaxial madness. Working together with the scientists at Bright Valley Radio, they solved the ZERO VANISHING puzzle and laid bare the secrets of the 2:1 ENIGMA, and thanks to their efforts, today, the WHYERS, though menacing in their ineffable geometry, represent only a threat to the eyes; their bright edges and colourful pixeline arcs an optical treat, but one which can temporarily exhaust the retinae of enrapt observers. (They used to vapourize them so we call it a win!)

These WHYERs are migrating over a narrow, lonely highway; peaceful reminder of the scene of their first appearance in this dimension many moons ago...

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Jan 9, 2023
50x40 pixels
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