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Off the Grid ~Love Theme of the Second Dimension~

a tile created by glacier

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Pixel Collabs 17: CYBERPUNK 150
glacier's Description

There were no two identical opinions among the engineers and voodoo priests and karmatron dynamicists at Dark Mountain Semiconductor about what would happen if the portal to the Second Dimension opened, but they all agreed on one thing: it promised a limitless source of cheap energy that would change the world as they knew it forever.

They were right: the energy that flowed forth was indeed extremely difficult to limit, and it absolutely changed the world forever.


n.b.: I had no idea what to do with these ambiguously-isometric edges, so I drew this... experimental.. mess. I tried to leave the vacant edge ready for some more isometry, though!

Hope it looks good when it reveals! <3

-- g

Checked in
Nov 2, 2020
45x64 pixels
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