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Je suis Meen, mais suis-je méchant?

a tile created by Haboo

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ack's Villainous Rampage
Haboo's Description

You know Gnick, when they told me this was going to be a "Meet-up for the ages" I was expecting something closer to a book club or a- Oh! Did they just? Gnick I think they just set that goodie-goodie on fire! Holy- Gnick they aren't stopping, dropping, or rolling!! This area is VERY DRY!!! What if they start a wildfire??

I told you boss, you really shouldn't be associating with this sort of crowd...

QUIET! We can fix this! Where's the fire extinguisher, where is it?? This place is NOT OSHA compliant!!! What kind of villain doesn't install fire alarms? Do they not worry for their Guardians' Health & Safety??

It gets worse boss, I was just talking to the blob monster earlier, they don't even do Dental!

WHAT?!? We need to get out of here, Gnick, these guys are bad news!

Checked in
Jul 14, 2022
65x50 pixels
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