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喫茶店の雲♡ありすき- Arisuki will never fall in love with you

a tile created by ⭐arisuki

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Arisuki's PC-98 Quilt
arisuki's Description
喫茶店の雲 VOL.1
"Welcome to Cloud Cafe" they say cheerfully, with the barest hint of an accent. Canadian maybe.

And you decide to try your luck. Ask them out on a date. Dinner and a movie, a classic that's hard to resist, you hope. You gather all your confidence and pop the question.

"Absolutely, let's do it! How about Saturday night?" they say, pink pigtails bobbing enthusiastically.

You can't believe how easy it was. And so, at the agreed upon time you show up to the restaurant that you've reserved, some trendy vegan place with cute decor.

Except there's no sign of ありすき...

After waiting far too long, you check your phone app, annoyed. They've already texted you a scathing message about how furious they are that you stood them up on the beach date that was supposed to be yesterday. Where they had a great time and even met a cute girl who is way cuter than you.

Wait, what? Yesterday? Beach?

You reset the game for the fifth time, as frustrated in real life as your in game counterpart must have felt.
Checked out
Nov 15, 2021
128x96 pixels
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