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銀文明の遺産:ダイブ • バスターズ 5

a tile created by glacier

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glacier's Description

In the fifth instalment of Dive Busters, Aiko returns to Naranda after Old Gen receives a startling vision of Death Megronn returning from his exile in Mu to wreak terrible revenge on the 108 Sages. On her way there, she falls into a trap laid for her by Megronn's wizard, Dai-Ozon, sealing her in Uluuza, the Realm of Sand and Stairs. There, she meets a faerie called Polimimin who was cursed by the Dark Baron of Uluuza, Gaaozenmonn, to forever speak with the voice of a grade-schooler.

Together with her new ally, Aiko must fight her way out their extradimensional prison with the Dive Edge, return to Naranda, and vanquish Death Megronn and his cadre of evil! The fate of the Crystal Civilization hangs in the balance~

Checked in
Nov 19, 2021
128x96 pixels
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