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The Dungeon Crawlers ~Mou Hitotsu no Hihou~

a tile created by Gors

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Gors's Description

The year is 1982, Tokyo. Takashi Sonoda fails his college exam a second time, and is down on luck. Visiting the nearby shrine for insight on what to do, a vision appears before him. An angel tells him about a prophecy: a portal to the devil dimension will appear under the Tokyo Tower and only the owner of the Solomon's Key can enter it and prevent the world from being destroyed by hellish creatures. As the angel ascends to the sky, Takashi's lucky pendant - a gift from his recently deceased grandfather - starts to shine and open up, revealing a strange rusted key. Still in disbelief, he tells this to his childhood friend, Miyuki Tsukishima, who reluctantly agrees to accompany him in this fantastic journey.

The Dungeon Crawlers is a first person dungeon crawler developed by GorsCorp in the vein of similar titles like Megami Tensei and Madou Monogatari, but with more emphasis on the text adventure aspect. Depending on your relationship with Miyuki, she can help you in the quest in different ways - attacking monsters, discovering secrets or mapping the dungeon. This concept was innovative at the time, but even then this game remained unknown to most PC-89 users.

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Nov 15, 2021
128x96 pixels
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