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Arisuki's PC-98 Quilt
Gors's Description

1987, Japan. The night district is always lively and attracts all kinds of people who desire to escape loneliness. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and hostess clubs. Down on luck at work, you decide to throw some cash away to soothe the pain. Looking everywhere until something catches your attention, suddenly you hear, amongst the noisy crowd and the poorly-sung karaoke emanating from simple karaoke bars, an angelic voice. Attracted to it like moths to a street lamp, suddenly you see yourself in front of a brightly colored Snack Bar, the Snack Kujaku. "The singing voice is clearly coming from this place", you mutter as you walk up the steps. There, you're greeted by several gorgeous and flirtatious girls, but your eyes can only look at the beautiful singer, REBECCA (real name Mariya Yamada), soulfully singing Enka to please the customers. Your excitement soon turns into dread as you remember that no dating is allowed at Snack Bars. There is a limit to how much you can interact to a hostess, and yet you feel like she is your true love. As she gazes upon you, she seems to have felt something special, but her profession and her traumas keep her from speaking the truth... Can love survive against the odds?

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Nov 16, 2021
128x96 pixels
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