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a tile created by glacier

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Pixel Collabs 17: CYBERPUNK 150
glacier's Description

Some curious creatures and esoteric architecture in the corners of this 39th tile for the 150th fydoTiles quilt! I figured I might as well try to return to our cyberpunk cityscape's striking-if-challenging roots~

This quilt has been a ride from start to finish with starters that both intrigue and repel, lore to stir the imagination, and neighbourhoods that bend our understandings of "isometry!"

Pleased to have been able to make so many quality (and questionable) tiles for the Pixel Collabs community on this one! :D

See you next quilt~ <3

Checked in
Nov 7, 2020
45x64 pixels
Only colors from the BLK NEO palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!