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Starter: Boing, Boing, 707

a tile created by glacier

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EDGY 132
glacier's Description
"Overcharge for excess baggage know your concourse know your gate,
Up this way sir not that way sir airplane departs gate six-eight.
Please sir may I see your ticket fasten your seat belt you can't smoke,
Beverage anything you'd care for sorry but we're out of coke.

Boeing Boeing 707
Going going skywardly, heavenly.
Higher than bluebirds fly,
Why then oh why can't I?

Destination deplane slowly do this do that I comply.
God bless Orville God bless Wilbur it's the only way to fly.

Boeing Boeing 707,
Boeing Boeing 707.
Pom pom pom Boeing Boeing Boeing Boeing"

-- Roger Miller, "Boeing 707"
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Sep 2, 2020
47x37 pixels
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