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Sabitsuki used Cat Effect

a tile created by Fayth-Leigh

Part of Quilt
Lumpy Weekly 54: Catgirls
Fayth-Leigh's Description
The cat effect is an effect that the player character can use to fit into smaller spaces. Sabitsuki can turn into a small, white cat with the press of a button. She will spot ears and a tail and make a soft meow as she transforms. Sabitsuki is from .flow, a popular, more horror themed Yume 2kki fan game created by LOL. I didn't want to make an anime cat girl per say, as I have been on a real Yume Nikki fan game kick lately. The background pays homage to the Neon Maze, the world in which you find the Cat Effect.
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Sep 8, 2019
92x60 pixels
Only colors from the Shovel Knight NES palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!

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