a quilt started by glacier on Jul 30, 2019, completed on Aug 29, 2019

It is time to work on your technique, so grab a tile, set up your palette, remember to think about your edges, and throw your speediest work onto this SLAPDASH 192 quilt!

Give as many tiles as you like your best work, but be sure to get it done quick! Tile signouts last for only 120 minutes and if you want to extend your time, you will have to check the tile out on the quilt page again!

This is a great opportunity to practice integrating edges into your work, or using them as the basis for your entire tile! There are plenty so use them to practice as much as you like!

· Since you have only two hours to complete your tile, try to focus on the fundamentals of a good tile: Edges, Legibility, and Composition! Use your time wisely! <3
· The Time Extension button has been disabled for this quilt. If you run out of time, feel free to manually check your tile out again from the quilt page!
· There is no theme for this quilt; go wherever your thoughts take you! But quickly.
· "Gotta go fast" jokes are encouraged, but make sure your work is your own. (Bit-crushes are permitted but must be used creatively.)
16x12 rectangular tiles, each 60x45 pixels in size
Visible border of 8 pixels available for collaborating
Edges of the quilt wrap both horizontally and vertically
Tiles become visible when their neighbours are complete
Checkout Rules
You'll have 2 hours to complete your tile after checkout
Only colors from The Clumsy Dozen (created by glacier) palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!
Contributors (31)
ZaqInABox (30), Anonymous (27), glacier (26), CommonCold (19), SpikeBerd (19), thedeadlyeagle79 (9), Val (8), Tommy (7), Zoë Astra (6), BuzzBee (5), MedDaKvas (5), ShrUg (4), Oh910 (3), wander (3), Jettshade (2), markmybirds (2), Maxes (2), OceanMan (2), CottonDude (1), deano bambeano (1), denouille (1), fydo (1), Galvan (1), GooGroker (1), jtaps (1), lolke12 (1), Memedev0 (1), Pet Pumpkin (1), SuperSodaYoda14 (1), TomKnowsStuff (1), Walkalope (1)
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Top 3 Tiles
11 New member of the Clumpy Anime Club by Anonymous
10 This tile is the crossover between Seaman (frog mode), Jojo and eggdog that absolutely no one asked for, but you still got it. by Anonymous
8 "Hello there, old chum." by MedDaKvas
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