Pixel Collabs 18: Ancient Ruins

a quilt started by ⭐Noxitive on Nov 28, 2020

Theme: "Ancient Ruins" (You must use the 2:1 pixel isometric perspective)

An example of 2:1
isometric perspective
by Noxitive
"From one corner to another, ancient ruins erupts the landscape. Telling tales of the past, present and.... the future? Huh, well that's new... In any case, many wonders to see! oh the joy!"

Hello and welcome to the PixelCollab's 18th quilt project, Ancient Ruins!
The theme is once again, to work out your tiles in a 2:1 isometric perspective. Seek some inspiration and how-to's, and make some ruins that tells a story!
If you're unsure, then you can google some isometric ancient ruins, to get some references and inspiration.

And remember as always, have fun!

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7x6 rectangular tiles, each 92x60 pixels in size
Visible border of 16 pixels available for collaborating
Edges of the quilt wrap both horizontally and vertically
Tiles become visible when their neighbours are complete
Checkout Rules
You'll have 42 hours to complete your tile after checkout
A maximum of 2 tiles per user, please
Only colors from the CC-29 palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!
Contributors (18)
Count Moriarty (2), froeu (2), Revenga (2), Sk3ll (2), ⭐abonbon (1), Big. Godon (1), Brio (1), ChocoBoo (1), GooGroker (1), Kyle Keister (1), main-tan (1), Nannerman (1), Nura (1), Panciraptor (1), stls (1), StrawB (1), SymbolsWriter (1), thatscheesy (1)
22 of 42 tiles completed (52%) - Download 644x360 PNG     Creative Commons Licence
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Tile not revealed yet!Nov 28, 2020
11 Starter: Emerald Altar by SymbolsWriterNov 29, 2020
6 Oldwall by GooGrokerDec 6, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 7, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 9, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 9, 2020
2 Sacred Texts by thatscheesyDec 10, 2020
3 Ancient secret magics of shadow and light by Count MoriartyDec 11, 2020
9 Space Time Continuum by RevengaDec 13, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 14, 2020
3 alien thing by RevengaDec 15, 2020
9 Pest Control by PanciraptorDec 15, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 17, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 17, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 18, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 18, 2020
10 Moments before the disaster by ChocoBooDec 19, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 19, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 21, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Dec 26, 2020
Tile not revealed yet!Jan 3, 2021
Tile not revealed yet!Jan 4, 2021