/r/imsorryjon Quilt: Halloween and Horror Garfield

a quilt started by CokeBoi on Oct 8, 2019, completed on Nov 1, 2019

Welcome to the r/imsorryjon anniversary quilt! Please keep all submissions SFW, incorporate the edges, and follow the theme. Have fun.

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6x7 rectangular tiles, each 90x75 pixels in size
Visible border of 16 pixels available for collaborating
Edges of the quilt wrap both horizontally and vertically
Tiles become visible when their neighbours are complete
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You'll have 24 hours to complete your tile after checkout
A maximum of 2 tiles per user, please
Only colors from this custom palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!
Contributors (27)
CokeBoi (3), aliensphynx (2), Churbex (2), CommonCold (2), CozmoBoom (2), Estefi Kun (2), JamesTDG (2), Math Guten (2), MedDaKvas (2), myrmyxo (2), Qwot (2), Samantha Imrich (2), SpikeBerd (2), thedeadlyeagle79 (2), Big. Godon (1), Bob Chen (1), Chocolate Seuss (1), Cowcannon (1), Doran Lightbringer (1), fallen_guardian2 (1), Garf (1), Jettshade (1), kay (1), ⭐Lumpy (1), Markus10199 (1), SuperSodaYoda14 (1), Tur713 (1)
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Top 3 Tiles
14 It's lasagna day john by Samantha Imrich
13 Easy bake oven by aliensphynx
12 Soooooooooooo Huuungrrryyyy by Lumpy
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