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a tile created by glacier

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Christmas at Cafe Dot
glacier's Description

Chai is back again, for the cold months of the year! Taking it easy (or as easy as they can; the grind never seems to end), enjoying time with family (blissfully, not a lot of time), and ordering Chinese (because it's tradition!). One of the great things about being self-employed is that you do not have to suffer through office parties, at least!

Chai's favourite thing about this festive time of the year is stargazing. Chai's least-favourite thing is trying to actually shop for things, discovering to their horror that it is Black Friday, and that maybe getting their winter boots repaired can wait another week.

Have a happy one out there, Tileists and Tileistas~ 💝

Checked in
Dec 10, 2023
32x32 pixels
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