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Just a Cheerful Guy~ 🤡🥳

a tile created by glacier

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PeepingOwl's Circus Quilt
glacier's Description

I cannot remember the last time I drew a clown.

I can kind of understand why people might find them intimidating, but not me.

I just wanted to draw a dude who delights in the delight of others, and I hope I met that goal.

All that remains is to see if he will indeed be holding the bicycle horn I had intended for him to have, if the "HONK" I wrote the bottom half of will indeed be rendered as such, or if it will become a different word, or something all together other than lettering.

In all cases, I am glad I finally managed to get a tile in on this quilt, and I hope it was worth the wait~ <3

- g ♥

Checked in
Sep 24, 2023
50x50 pixels
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