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The Legendary C Slug!?

a tile created by glacier

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Sea Slug Sanctuary
glacier's Description

Do not let the name fool you, it is worth at least a B+!

This fellow might actually be a land slug, which means it is a bit out of place on this quilt. Counting on my connections here to not get banned; I think I might still have more fydoTiles pull than Sodor but I am really taking a chance here. <w<;;;

If I have miscalculated and this is my last tile though, know that I am proud to have gone out on such a happy little critter, and remember me well, friends! :0

Anyway it was a blast making tiles for this quilt, even though I find I am not the most familiar Sea Sluggist around~

But! With these tiles submitted, maybe-- just maybe-- I will be able to say that I am at least an amateur~

With practice comes mastery!

Not speed, though necessarily, and I hope this last slug tile was worth the wait!

Been a thrill seeing this one grow to completion~

See you next quilt, Tileists and Tileistas! 💖

- g

Checked in
Aug 1, 2023
48x48 pixels
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