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Archit Picnic Next to the Butterfly Fountain at Cat Cabin

a tile created by glacier

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glacier's Description

Everyone's favourite Martian lad, enjoying a sandwich outside on a beautiful, sunny-for-now afternoon!

Joining him in this rose-encircled respite are the cat couple of Cat Cabin (greeting a neighbour~), a cadre of butterflies (they are not sure where they are but are happy to be here, where the pollen is~), and a tiny snail pal who, like most of us, only eats the leaves specifically picked out for them to snack on~ <3

A decorative lattice arches over the path around the cliffside and down to the beach where Mushroom Faerie and Gob hang out, while the rest of this picturesque woodsy hideaway is... a mystery to me!

So, without further ado, let me commit this cute quilt corner to the collab and reveal a few more tiles to the world!

See you next quilt! 💝


Sorry it took so long, Sodor! ^^;

- g <3

Checked in
Jun 23, 2023
64x64 pixels
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