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~Hanging Around in the Frond Room~

a tile created by glacier

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glacier's Description

I see scenes like this in quaint, idyllic cottage scenery and artwork and I wonder why places like this do not exist more often elsewhere.

Of course, in urban settings, space is at a premium and it is difficult to afford space even for oneself let alone space for decorations. But you might kind of expect public places like libraries or shopping centers to have more floralized spaces. Or you might in a civilized world, at least, and maybe that is part of the mystique of the idyllic cottage: a calm, dignified, and safe quarters you can decorate and enjoy and leave alone and come back to-- just for you-- far-removed from the psychosis and barbarism of Western work-a-day life.

And with that in mind, please, find a good book, settle down in a big, comfy chair, and get curled up with your favourite snacks as I present to the theatre of your imagination: the serene, leafy respite of The Frond Room.

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Jun 14, 2023
64x64 pixels
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