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RECENTLY SOLD: "Just a quaint little spot at the edge of the sky-lake-forest-village-tree~ ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿกโ›…๐ŸŒณ"

a tile created by glacier

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glacier's Description

This adorable little hideaway comes fully-furnished with a wood stove, a full dining room, master bedroom, and partially-stocked bar~ (All of the furniture is made of living mushrooms except for the bed, which is the back of a giant capybara whose long slumber in the basement transcends the ages.)

There is a boathouse down the hill shared with the villagers down the road, plus a delightful flower garden in the back yard (we invite you to neither mind nor move the gnomes; their powers are within your comprehension, and you will not enjoy them).

Be aware that the land slugs living in the woods behind and below the house occasionally visit the lake slugs living near the beach, and please do not be surprised if you see them crossing the property from time to time. (They know who you are and are not as afraid of you as you are of them.)

The village hosts several unique restaurants, all of which serve omelettes (they differ based on the eggs they serve). We are aware that three of the houses on the horizon appear to form a slightly-deranged face constantly scowling at you across the countryside and staring at you through the windows. It is just an illusion (but also do not go inside any of the buildings if invited; it is better to be safe than sorry).

Finally, find in the basement a rope ladder leading down to a two-car garage at street level in the Waking World (mind the harpies on your way down).

Once again, welcome to your new cottage; we wish you the best in your new home! ๐Ÿ’

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Jun 19, 2023
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