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A scene from the battle that takes place if you cannot apprehend the Bean Stalker (yet more LQ4 lore in description)

a tile created by glacier

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Lumpy Weekly 81: RPG 2 (aka Fydo Fantasy 2)
glacier's Description

Ser Graveolens, of the Apiaceae family, comrade-archrival of Ser Gurgen the Carrotsword, the Celery Knight, and his squire, Yallow Talle, are on a quest to apprehend the Bean Stalker and bring him or her or them or it to justice! The problem is that both men are idiots— just dumb as hell. They could not find Earth on a globe, they are so bonehead-useless. What they lack in intelligence and wisdom and perception, though, they more than make up for in enthusiasm, which is why you need to do their jobs for them and unravel this legumystery, lest our intrepid wandering tilemage be blamed for the crime of abducting Lima Pete!

Successfully finding the true culprit and rescuing Lima Pete allows you to avoid entirely the Graveolens battle and substantially alters the outcome of Act 3. Having both the Celery Knight and Yallow Talle in your party dramatically shortens the initial journey up Mt. Gamby (their height lets you boost up cliffs at several key points to arrive before the Astral Reveal) and their reputation in Slapsport is essential in convincing Nessie to give up her Fish and Ship addiction. Even if you have them on standby, Ser Gurgen will not attack you in Orbtown either.

HOWEVER, it is only by defeating Graveolens that you can obtain Pascalbane, the Fibreslicer: the strongest weapon in the game before Xanfydu's Seamless Integrator obtained at the end of in Act 5.

The choice is yours!

(I did not say so in their titles but my other tiles on this quilt have lore, too! <3)

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Nov 30, 2022
92x60 pixels
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