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Did you know Fydo can solo the lastboss in LQ4:SDFWTO if you set the difficulty to "Story"? (Lumpquest IV walkthrough in description)

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Lumpy Weekly 81: RPG 2 (aka Fydo Fantasy 2)
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So you need to have at least three people in your party to get to Riviiyal Fortress since the Check-In Puzzle Gates need to be held from the outside, and it is literally impossible to beat Dithering Heights Summit alone since at least one person has to teleport you to BORDERSPACE to rescue Fyda. Obviously, when you teleport back, there will be at least three in your party.

So how do you reach π•‹β„π•€β„‚π•ƒπ•Œπ•„β„™π•π”Όβ„π”Έπ•‹π”Ό and OOZE KING CLUMPIEL alone??

It turns out that you need to scale the Summit with five party members, so that when Fyda returns with you after the fight in the Gaplands, at least two people have to go back. Fyda will remain at the Devouring Edge to keep the Integration Portal open. The reason the Portal stays open is to make it possible to go do the SLAPDASHBOSSRUSH (talk to Edd at Whitestain) but if you use the SaveBoy to make a party of ONLY Fydo, you can turn straight back (DO NOT go to the world map!) and go to the Peak alone. Sixtenurtle will not be there to stop you yet (he appears AFTER you arrive at the Fyda-manned Portal so you can only do it BEFORE you leave!), allowing you to face the boss gauntlet in the BLUESHIFT HUE RIFT mano-a-lumpo and to GET THAT LAST CHEEVO!! >:D

Note: YOU HAVE TO BE IN STORY MODE I am tired of explaining this! If you are on any other difficulty Oozeking WILL one-hit instakill you with QUILTREP. Story-mode difficulty disables this attack!!

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Aug 12, 2022
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