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cowboy evil wizard

a tile created by glacier

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The classic American Western television series "Bonanza" revolves around the adventures of the Cartwright family of ranchers settled on the fictional Ponderosa Claim situated on Lake Tahoe, between Virginia City and Reno, in 1880s Nevada, in the western United States. Its weekly episodes, though all firmly within the Western genre, covered a broad range of tones ranging from comedy to high drama, featuring a surprisingly broad spectrum of relevant, contemporary moral issues (of its time), touching on anti-Vietnam War sentiments, substance abuse, conservationism, race and religious tension, and domestic violence, among others.

Bonanza aired 431 forty-nine minute episodes in fourteen seasons, running from September 12th, 1959 until January 16th, 1973, making it the second-longest-running western-genre series in American television and one of the top-ten longest-running series in history.

In spite of this, nobody is going to recognize Wizard Ben Cartwright, played by Lorne Greene, in my tile. The sleeper pun in there is probably a lost cause too, even with my gentle nudge in the description.

But I owe it to Bonanza to try.

(I am not sure if there was ever an episode of Bonanza where Ben Cartwright was an evil wizard but if there was one, now there are two.)

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Jul 7, 2022
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