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JUST DUVET WE DO THINGS HERE ~200th Quiltsona OC Spectacular!~
Haboo's Description

I was out there for a long time, reading that Chatlog. At least that's what I was there for to start with, after awhile it seemed like it stalled for a long time... But whatever! About a week ago the boss finally told me I'd be able to get out of there, And not just me, my wife, too! She's been... caught up back east the past couple of months, I don't know what I would have done if she couldn't have come with me.

The boss moved us into a quaint little cabin over in Maine. It's a quiet life, not as quiet as work was but certainly less cacophonous than the city. I thought I wouldn't like it since I was sick of the cold while on the job, but... Something about having company has made it my favourite kind of weather -

The house was fully furnished when we got here, I know the boss has a knack for detail so I wasn't too surprised. She left the most curious thing on the futon, though. Beautifully spread out was this... Quilt...? Just when I thought I was free of them - It had a note attached, "Ice-o-metric! A Quilt Started by Virus610 on November 9th 2021, Completed on May 26th, 2022."

On the back there was a list of names, some I recognize from the chat log, other ones I have no recollection of. I have to admit, the Grandmas did quite the handiwork. It's serving us well, we're going into summer but of course Maine seems to operate on its own schedule. Just like home, really.

I suppose... I really did end up in a Quilt after all, The both of us have.

Thanks, boss.

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May 30, 2022
50x40 pixels
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