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It has been a while since my last Toriyama-inspired tile, and here is a new one~ 💝

a tile created by glacier

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Lospec Forest
glacier's Description

Hoping that this one will accomplish my twin goals of steering this part of the quilt back towards a forest scene as well as installing the usual anime catgirl in a Lospec quilt, and you are very, very welcome.

- g


(Incidentally, here is the most recent Toriyama tile of mine I could find, but I am dead certain there is a newer one and I just do not remember which one it is... >:1 --> https://fy.do/tile/2505 )

Checked in
Apr 24, 2022
32x32 pixels
Only colors from the TY - Arcanixium 13 palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!