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Weird Flex

a tile created by glacier

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Kaiju Showdown
glacier's Description

"Do not pixel me or my son ever again."

~ or ~

"A Touch of the Stigmata Never Hurt Nobody!"


Jeez this is an amazing quilt-- one of the top five so far, I think! Been an absolute joy to contribute to this one and see all of the crazy monsters, quilt-spanning fireballs and laser blasts, and Virus's astounding ensemble of elbows~ <3

Never thought I would get this much mileage out of a palette called "Nanner Pancakes" either but here we are! :y

Anyway, as always, see you next quilt!

- g

Checked in
Apr 24, 2022
68x65 pixels
Only colors from the Nanner Pancakes palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!