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Journey to Donut's Center

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glacier's Description

Far beneath the wasteland; hundreds of meters below the shifting sand, baked dust, and blasted devastation, lies the underground world of Donut's Center.

A massive cavern lined with flourescent fungus provides a subterranean home for millions of the world's survivors, Trees and greenery refresh the air while underground rivers deliver fresh (if somewhat mineral-rich) water to its inhabitants.

Surrounding this natural home is a sprawling complex of shelters and refineries, of powerplants and chemical plants, feeding and recycling materials from the city, providing during shortages and absorbing excesses in order to stabilize an ongoing and sustainable economy. A network of warehouses, reactors, industrial, and sanitation facilities maintains the equilibrium of the cavern, carefully attending to and changes and emergencies that might demands urgent attention.

Donut's Center is also home to a command headquarters of the legendary Mech Team 2 and their unstoppable force of technology, Blitz Kaiser, who can be seen striding delicately through the city in between missions to the surface and beyond!

And yet, the cavern still holds many ancient undiscovered mysteries. Branch tunnels and caves lurk throughout Donut's Center, and only some have been properly charted!

What could yet await us beneath?!

The theatre company is also accepting applications so if you have time Thursday and Sunday evenings, drop a line. Knowing how to play a jazz saxophone gets you to the front of the line.

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Feb 27, 2022
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