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Starter: Ode to Tiles

a tile created by ‚≠źarisuki

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JUST DUVET WE DO THINGS HERE ~200th Quiltsona OC Spectacular!~
arisuki's Description
"Just uhhhh make up a clever thing and pretend it was mine" - Arisuki

Introducing a new (old) FydoTiles OC, Celesta, the patron saint of Slapdash 70.

The magic of FydoTiles, to me, is that on an individual level, you're forced into using constraints that you would likely never use in your regular art, whether it's palette, dimensions, or intrusive edges that must be neutralized. I remember seeing Slapdash 70's palette (Celeste) for the first time and thinking, there's no way this will work, there's 20 midtones and only one dark and light. But as people's art came pouring in and as I was forced to wrangle with the unlikely colours myself, I realized that the palette wasn't the limited one, it was my own thinking. Deep, I know. Now it's one of my favourite quilts, and an incredible example of maximizing a palette and hiding the grid.

In pixel art we have so many preconceived notions of what "good" should look like. The reality is that creativity only flourishes under restraint.

Shoutouts to some favourite moments featured here:
Slapdash 70
Clippy by neonjays, which made me audibly laugh
Haboo's coat of arms series on the Legendary Growing Quilt
Garfield (and Lumpy's legacy in general)
Checked in
Jan 19, 2022
50x40 pixels
Only colors from Chaos Mountain 59 (created by glacier) palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!