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Glaciers sur glaciers! Beaucoup! Trop? Non!

a tile created by Haboo

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Haboo's Description

"Quantity has a quality all of its own... That's what the boss said, anyway. 'Go out east, set up shop, report on some upcoming tiles,' she says. I'VE BEEN HERE FOR SIX WEEKS. Every day its the same thing, read the chatlog, send the report, read the chatlog, send the report, resend the report because it had an error in it, wait worryingly for the boss' response, see the email she sent and then refuse to open it for an hour, READ THE CHATLOG.

These guys keep talking about 'Quilts,'

What? Quilts? Is this some sort of E-Quilting Circle? I'll tell ya, If anyone could use a quilt right now it's me, I'm FREEZING out here! From what I can gather there are supposed to be images attached to these links they're sending but this HUNK OF JUNK doesn't seem to be able to RENDER THEM. Last week one of them was talking about an 'Egg quilt.' Boy, these poor grandmas must really be running out of ideas if the best thing they can spend their time stitching is a bunch of EGGS... They seem pretty happy though, can't fault them for that. I thought this mission was about TILES, why am I stalking a knitting group?

Oh let me tell ya about this most recent one though, they were talking about it today. Something 'Ice of metric' or another. I dunno, I can't scroll up to check on this AS MENTIONED HUNK OF JUNK. What a weird name for a fancy blanket. Imperial not good enough for you? Europeans, I bet. I'm gonna run a few more tests and then try to get home, next thing I know I'LL be in a quilt! Haha."

Checked in
Nov 29, 2021
128x90 pixels
Only colors from the Franzston 30 palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!