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Space Invaders

a tile created by Eryc

Part of Quilt
The Error Quilt
Eryc's Description

I boot up my copy of Space Invaders which I had bought off garage sale

but to my surprise game control weren't working

and enemy was hyper realistic with blood all over (<hyper realistic blood)

I scream and ran "This is not real Space Invaders this is CURSED!"

I went back to garage sale but family who sold game wasn't there anymore they had vanished FOREVER!

I went back home game was still on the console I took it off and went to sleep

Next morning I wake up to find out my home had been invaded SPACE INVADED!Hyper realistic alien (just like in game) killed me

-Dairy found in scene of crime

This was my Space Invaders creepy pasta thanks for reading

Checked out
Oct 19, 2021
54x40 pixels
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