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Goodbye, Final Space

a tile created by glacier

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Space Cat Adventure
glacier's Description

Looks like I got my Avocato Final Space Tribute tile after all.

Bittersweet feeling, mang. ;0; <3

Incidentally, I have no idea what the thing in the top left is supposed to be. My guess: spaceship.

Whatever it turns out to be, I put a hell of a lot of energy into trying to integrate it, so I hope it works out well! :3


I was in a funk for most of this quilt's uptime and I was worried I would not get a spot on it, but lo, in the end, I got two~(!)

These 2bit palettes are thrill! Keep them coming, Fydo! 💖

-- g

Checked in
Sep 15, 2021
54x40 pixels
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