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Something a bit different~

a tile created by glacier

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The Return of the Game Boy Quilt
glacier's Description
These quilts are pretty abstract to start with so why not embrace it now and then? :3
Or at least dip your toe in it. :1

Anyway, this being my last tile for the Return of the Gameboy Quilt, I thought I would try something kind of unique-- in this case, just some simple patterns; a place where you can look to (visually) relax.

I have no idea if other people will see it that way, but I suppose there is no way to know but to try! :D
Thank you all for such an interesting quilt; looking forward to seeing it done!
Checked in
Sep 10, 2018
40x36 pixels
Only colors from this particular Nintendo Game Boy palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!