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Déjà! à Waterloo Napoléon a dû se rendre!

a tile created by Haboo

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The Dis-tastic DISCO-9 Quilt
Haboo's Description

When Glacier and I were first figuring out DISCO-9, One of the first ever pieces made with the palette (possibly the first* period, though I do believe Glacier beat me to it) was a very tiny render of Napoleon's head that I hand converted because I was nuts -- I've made many more pieces with the palette now, and now that I've gotten to learn a bit more about D-9, I thought now was as good a time as any to redraw the conqueror from Corsica.

*First for US. I'm certain other people have used the palette far before we did, we just hadn't the pleasure of knowing about the palette until we started using it <3

Checked in
Jul 6, 2021
21x35 pixels
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