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a tile created by Haboo

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Haboo's Description



In far-off land, by far-off place,

where far-off men bare far-off face,

two kingdoms lie upon the sand,

their names are Dee, and Inniland.

Their kings were stubborn, crass and cruel,

great wars they fought for whom would rule,

the central plain, between the two,

the valley of letters; the great alphabet stew.

In day they fought, in night they clashed,

at dawn they rose, sans those out-matched,

it seemed as though they'd never cease,

yet at dusk's will, they did release.

From farer land, inside a rune,

an oracle sat on that dune,

"Though shalt meet within the centre,

and if you all shan't fail remember,

In letter here, where I came to thee,

Let it mark you, the whole, IN-D."

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May 7, 2021
64x48 pixels
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