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Frais de la Ferme ~

a tile created by Haboo

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Part of Quilt
Haboo's Description

Just some totally normal produce. Nothing crazy about it, it's just produce. Fresh, affordable produce. Can't go wrong with produce! This stuff is right from the tree's branches. Absolutely off-the-vine fresh. I can't describe how fresh this produce is! Did I mention this produce is fresh? I have great news, it is! This produce is farm fresh, that means right from the bush's mouth. Yes, you heard me right, this produce is FARM FRESH. And I've yet to mention -- This stuff is free of Pesticides, GMO's, FDA's, the works! This produce has absolutely nothing wrong with it. This produce is the finest there is, nothing else in the world could beat THIS produce. Ring Ring! Who's there? Its the king of freshness! He's calling me to tell you that I am now the Monarch of Mature Vegetables, the Queen of Question-Free Fruits. Why? Well, because my produce is just that fresh! Why would anyone question my produce? Well that's a great question, they won't! They can't! My produce is so fresh the mere thought that it isn't would be a crime against the very fabric of time and thus impossible to think. What's that? You think my produce may not live up to all of the hype? You say my comically long rant about how fresh my produce is makes you think I'm covering up some sort of un-fresh scheme? How could you say something so mean about my produce! You're very rude. So rude in fact, I might even consider not giving you some of my FARM FRESH produce to try! You know what? Yeah, we're done here. >:(

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Apr 11, 2021
88x33 pixels
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