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🌜 Midnight Sax Man 🎷

a tile created by glacier

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~ Time for a break and a few fydoTiles... ~

✨ 🎷 SAX FAX!! 🎷 ✨

Did you know that the Saxophone is only one of several obscenely-complicated musical instruments Adolphe Sax invented? It is not the only one he named after himself, either!

Besides the saxophone, he also invented saxotromba, saxtuba, saxhorn, and six-piston trombone! He also nearly killed himself in as many as seven separate childhood accidents!

So the next time you think of the saxophone, remember that you would be somewhere else, thinking something else, if it was not for the strange durability of a brass-obsessed 19th century Belgian boy!

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Jan 28, 2021
32x32 pixels
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