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Gors's Description

"Tá Tranquilo Tá Favorável, Tá Tranquilo Tá Favorável". This mantra-like style composition, penned by one of the most influential Brazilian Funk MC's of the modern era, easily enraptures the skeptics' ears and makes them sing along and dance, with the distinctive "hang-loose" sign dance. MC Bin Laden, as he is known, hails from São Paulo from a poor family and started to rise in the Brazilian Funk scene (despite the genre's name, the music takes a lot of cues from genres like dirty house, rap and reggaeton), especially after the smash hit "Tá Tranquilo Tá Favorável". The controversial name, "Bin Laden", was chosen to shock the listeners, but he reassures that "the bad Bin Laden is dead, now there's only the good Bin Laden".

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Jan 6, 2021
32x32 pixels
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