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If This Is "All In My Head" Then Explain Why It Is So Compelling When I Put It Onto A Corkboard!?!?

a tile created by glacier

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Lospec: Mystery
glacier's Description

I was blind until I opened by eyes to the Real Truth, aligned my chakras, lined all of my clothes with magnets, added salt crystals to all of my decorating, went off my medication, began breathing the Ineffable Truth!! Vapors that waft out of the "TUOPIPE" I had installed (thanks for the tip, Grover!), and started pinning all of my revelations on this board.

*takes another hit off of the Tuopipe*

"Woke" does not even BEGIN to describe how REAL my thinking is right now! >:D

Checked in
Dec 3, 2020
80x64 pixels
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