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The waifus - and husbandos, but mostly waifus - of Avalon Code

a tile created by SymbolsWriter

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Lumpy Weekly 74: Dating Sim
SymbolsWriter's Description

Avalon Code is an obscure and underrated little gem on Nintendo DS.

While not actually a datesim - it's an action-RPG with a rather unique plot-tied core mechanic - there is a number of characters that you can romance and date while you go about your business saving the world. A whopping 14, in fact - 5 girls and 2 female spirits if you play as a boy, and 5 boys and 2 male spirits if you play as a girl.

Unfortunately I couldn't fit all of them into this tile, but 10 out of 14 ain't too bad, huh? Note: you might have to squint to make out the boys, haha.

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Nov 26, 2020
92x60 pixels
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