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L❤️VECRAFT(read the description please)

a tile created by Sk3ll

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Lumpy Weekly 74: Dating Sim
Sk3ll's Description


L❤️VECRAFT is a new dating sim. you move into a new town and get into a harem of eldritch girls. date the derpy but loveable Dagon, the tomboy and hothead azathoth, the timid smart cthulhu or the laid back Yog-sothoth. which one will you date? pick carefully, as the others may end the world due to your choice

dialogue samples(read in female voice):

"you are looking fine on this planet alignment!"- Dagon

"hey! don't look at my eyes like that creep"- azathoth

"do you....ou....really like me! most guys go insane from my looks!"- cthulhu

"I don't mind who you date, as long as you are happy! although I may control you if you go out with azathoth....."- Yog-sothoth


"I now have a new best girl"- some neckbeard

"pretty good"- lumpy

"I don't approve of this" H.P lovecraft

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[its irony until its not irony]

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Nov 25, 2020
92x60 pixels
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