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they're coming for you, Pinky (yes, that is a mutated Pinky from Pac-man, thank you very much for asking)

a tile created by enzo gray

Part of Quilt
Lospec: Dream
enzo gray's Description

"It's too late," thought Mutated Pinky, staring straight into the eyes of a foaming-mouthed Pac-man, "they've got me surrounded. It's too late," he added redundantly.

The day hadn't started great, either. Well, first of all, he'd been mutated into some sort of badly-drawn pig-creature and then he'd been late for work, and then his coffee was served cold at the local Starbucks. But this, on top of it all, was too much.

The ever-chomping mouths of the Pac-men moved closer and closer. He could hear the drool dripping from their mouths.

And then Elon Musk jumped out from behind a planet and screamed, "I'LL SAVE YOU MUTANT PINKY!!!!!" He rushed forward and pulled a tesla out of his pocket and started smashing all of the Pac-men into little Pac-bits. (They say the Pac-men can still be heard screaming from 20 light years away, but that's just an urban-legend)

Pinky woke up, safe in his bed, still shuddering from the nightmare. So yes, for those who were wondering, my tile does fit the theme.

Checked out
Nov 12, 2020
40x32 pixels
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