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O Loathesome Feature! ~The Greatest Stupidity in Modern Computing~

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Lumpy Weekly 62: Fear
glacier's Description
The most terrible thing in electronics today is not ransomware, or the possibility of Russian teenagers infiltrating your election.
It is not killer robots obliterating the human race to the last smouldering cell, nor is it developers giving in the the crass demands of their most obnoxious customers, or search engines and social media platforms selling your most intimate secrets as marketing data.
It is not even Stadia.

I submit to you an image of the fathomless blight unrivaled past and present: the Windows 10 Update regime-- Waster of Time; Corruptor of Data; A Dreade-Surprise Most Foul!
It waits in the night, 'til your back is turned.
You have twenty minutes to stop it.
Or else.
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Feb 24, 2020
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