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Waterfront Property

a tile created by glacier

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Lumpy Weekly 52: Minecraft
glacier's Description
It took me a while to figure out how to make this tile more exciting, and after an unpleasantly-long while, I realised that "excitement" is not at the core of Minecraft, but rather mundane countryside is. Minecraft is not a well-curated amusement park, it is an extremely poorly guarded nature preserve, and "excitement" is not the order of the day.

So, I drew this but of bucolic, unremarkable countryside, because that is what Minecraft has always been to me.

Plus a goddamn frowny-faced bastard who likes to sneak up on me in the dark and blow his goddamned worthless self to bits; me and my charming woodland retreat along with him. >:C

Anyway here you go. Sorry for the wait!
Tile 201: complete! :D
Checked in
Aug 23, 2019
92x60 pixels
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