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''So... did you blend your edges?'' Seaman would also like to know your birthdate.

a tile created by Goosyberry

Part of Quilt
Lumpy Weekly 50: Surreal
Goosyberry's Description
Seaman is from a Sega Dreamcast game released in 1999, featuring fish-like creatures with a human face, which eventually evolve into a frog in the first game. Seaman is very keen on talking about all sorts of topics, but he really dislikes swearing and would prefer not to be touched. Please keep the ΛTM OSPHΞRΣ(雰囲気), 【WARMTH】 and brightnesslevels regulated for optimal environment. Seaman has extensive knowledge on astrology, and will also give you some life advice.
Checked out
Jul 30, 2019
92x60 pixels
Only colors from the Oh Hell, Pastel 15 palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!

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