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You M.A.D., Bro?

a tile created by glacier

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glacier's Description
I have been told that, when it was new, there were people who played Missile Command practically as an addiction, spending kilogram after kilogram of coins and whole days on end at arcade cabinets, trying desperately to set a high score/safeguard civilization against nuclear obliteration.

The thing is, though, Missile Command is about mutually assured destruction. "Assured." Whether it is the sixth missile that penetrates your defenses or the sixty-thousandth, your hometown always ends up vanishing into a cloud of atomic hellfire. As with anything a human being spends a two-digit percentage of their week doing, these thoughts and images eventually infiltrated players' minds, leaving them with months of horrifying nightmares of nuclear holocaust, frantically trying to stop every missile from a literally infinite stockpile, launched few-at-a-time by an unseen enemy who may or may not actually still be alive.

It was a hell of an age to live in.
Now video games have photorealistic horse testicles that shrink when it snows.
Times have changed.

..Anyway, see you next tile! :D
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Oct 24, 2018
64x40 pixels
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