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The Cowlorado Kid, C.O.W.-Boy of Moo Memesa

a tile created by glacier

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Ade's Wild West Quilt
glacier's Description

You know originally I was thinking of doing an illustration of Wild Wild West's Dr. Arliss Loveless, but in a flash of inspiration(?), it came to me like a rented U-Haul comes to the main character of an isekai plot: C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, the TMNT bootleg comic-and-cartoon series that for all of its uncanniness and aborted science fiction lore managed to capture my attention for a few episodes all those decades ago and stay with me as a handful of disconnected memories that clearly fell behind the photocopier of my imagination, only to resurface here as an Old Cowboy Meme crossover and as a single, overwhelmingly-ran-on sentence.

So enjoy: The Cowlorado Kid!


Glad I got to do this penultimate tile for this fun frontier-themed quilt, and a huge thank you to Ade and fydo for running this!

Looking forward to seeing what the final installation will be~ 💝

Special thanks to Stoffhimmel for being 100% more people to get the reference than I had predicted.


See you next time, Quilt Cowboy!

- g 💞✨

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Jun 23, 2024
72x72 pixels
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