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Radon Depths

a tile created by glacier

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Pixel Pajama: Neon Heights
glacier's Description

The desertside settlement of Radon Shallows straddles the shade, eclipsed by the sprawling metropolis built on platforms high above it. Sitting at the end of abandoned Route Þ-232, the highway leads into the featureless Glass Expanse, a blinding mirror plain which splits the buttery and endless desert sky from vitrified wasteland on one side, and the lightless, poison-gas-filled hell of Radon Depths on the other.

So who would travel to this place dividing apocalypse from underworld? Well, as always in the world of Neon Heights, people tend less to "go" places and more to "end up" at them, and the colourful denizens of Radon Shallows are prime examples. A patchwork of luckless vagabonds, foolhardy fortune-seekers, skinflint merchants, and otherwise-normal folks who are just really into the gas mask scene, Radonians are a mostly good bunch, furnished with terrible personalities and a general unwillingness to climb stairs.

- The Squinting Spot (Scenic Outlook)
- The Squinting Spot (Optometrists')
- Brad Gumby's Weekly Robot Rumble!! (Robot Fights, Bar and Grill)
- Just For Gasps! (Comedy and Tragedy Club)
- Radon Depths (a literal tunnel to figurative Hell)
- Land's End (Italian Restaurant, formerly an Olive Garden)
- The Infinite Climb (a lot of normal, well-maintained stairs connecting to Neon Heights, West District, Community Ten)
- Gassy Jack's First Chance (Sundries, Bespoke Gas Masks, Nightclub)
- Glasscrafts by Gary (Gift Shop; Permanently Closed)

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May 27, 2024
50x50 pixels
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