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Who the Hell Builds So Far Back On A Lot?

a tile created by glacier

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Lumpy Monthly: Halloween
glacier's Description
This house seriously has the best decorations and the most candy every year but it takes ten minutes to get to the front door from the street.
Parents are always wary of the owner, because he is a lich. But they seem to think that he is always on the clock and does not enjoy Hallowe'en like everyone else. He works hard. He plays hard.
You know you are doing badly when your ability to relax compares unfavourably to an undead necromancer, but I suppose that is what the PTA is all about..

Anyway, it was a pleasure to make this 1,001st Fydo tile!
Have a spooktacular October 31st, Lump and Lumpettes! :D
See you next tile!
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Oct 11, 2018
128x72 pixels
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