Virus610’s Narcissism

a quilt started by ⭐Virus610 on Jul 1, 2021, completed on Aug 25, 2021

Theme: Anything to do with Virus610's Twitch stream (Memes/injokes, stories, games, etc.)

Alright, here’s the deal: I’ve fairly recently gotten more into pixel art as a side effect of working on Here Goes Muffin and custom La-Mulana sprites. I’ve come to find that it can actually be kind of fun, and want to drag in some of my Twitch community to experience the fun!

If you aren’t a regular around my stream, that’s okay! Outsiders are welcome to contribute (And maybe even stop by the stream, y’know, for ‘research’) as well, if you don’t mind potentially not being in on some silly joke.

The focus here is to try to blend your tile with the one(s) next to yours. Try not to cut things off, and don’t be afraid to get a little crazy if you’re not sure what the other tile is supposed to be. Similarly, try to avoid leaving hard borders at the ends of your tile, because it doesn’t give the next person anything to work with. Feel encouraged to draw only part of something, and leave the rest to the next person’s imagination!

When this quilt is all done, I’ll be setting the resulting quilt as my desktop wallpaper, so your work will show up from time to time while I’m streaming.

The stream:
6x6 rectangular tiles, each 80x45 pixels in size
Visible border of 12 pixels available for collaborating
Edges of the quilt wrap both horizontally and vertically
Tiles become visible when their neighbours are complete
Checkout Rules
You'll have 24 hours to complete your tile after checkout
A maximum of 3 tiles per user, please
Only colors from the retro_cal palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!
Contributors (18)
⭐Virus610 (4), agweber (3), Blobbing4Pixels (3), Cyril (3), DK (3), matthew gaming live quilt game (3), Mimiheart (3), ⭐arisuki (2), Haboo (2), Raandm (2), annablake (1), Catzup (1), Cesslecom (1), glacier (1), Madisunny (1), ⭐Noxitive (1), PinheadLarry (1), Sodium (1)
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